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Celebrating motherhood through equitable healthcare. 



End-to-end UI/UX Designer


Figma, InVision, Milanote, Pen & Paper


iOS, Mobile


3 weeks​

Mamahood aims to help reduce complications and misdiagnosis that's prevalent when treating women of color, particularly for expectant and new moms.

Problem Space

Having a baby is one of the greatest miracles we get to experience in life. An arduous process that spans the better part of a year. For some women, this difficult experience is compounded by misdiagnosis that could lead to some critical, sometimes life-threatening or even fatal scenarios.1

This research aims to find a way to help these women find more joy than sadness at the end of their pregnancy, and the beginning of motherhood.

How might we help black expectant and new moms find tailored healthcare services in order to prevent misdiagnosis and all the different complications that can come with it. 

Secondary Research



  • Black people tend to look for healthcare professionals who is either black, or has experience dealing with black patients. 

  • Black people have experienced some sort of discrimination from a healthcare provider that was supposed to be helping them with their health.

  • Black expectant and new moms worry about not being diagnosed properly during and after their pregnancy


Persona 2 (Light).png

User Story

As a new mom, I want to    find a doctor who's worked with other black moms so that    I can be assured that they will be familiar with my general diagnosis

Task Flow


UI Inspiration


Exploratory Sketches

Solution Sketches



User Testing

Tests were conducted to find usability problems in the design as well as to get feedback on missed opportunities and areas of improvement 


Some icons were confusing e.g. the map pin was interpreted as a key by a couple of people. Some users preferred a short bio included for the medical practitioner.

Prioritization Matrix


Revised Wireframes


Mockup Prototype

Key Learnings

  • Conducting user interviews reveals both the strengths and weaknesses of your research & design.

  • Feedback is not criticism.

  • When considering design that promotes good healthcare, the learning process is a permanent one that will include a lot of study and research.

Next Steps

  • Create mockups from the wireframe.

  • Transition the mockups into lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes.

  • Conduct more competitive analysis with apps like Peanut and Flo.

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