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Empowering creatives, building community



End-to-end UI/UX Designer


Figma, InVision, Milanote, Pen & Paper


iOS, Mobile


10 weeks​

The Jamisi app is designed to connect creatives and help them level up their skills while getting paid. It was born out of the idea to build a community with the intent to curtail the negative effects of loneliness amongst creative-minded people.​

Problem Space

 There’s a lot of noise in the social networking space right now. Services are good at one thing, and very poor at others. This results in a scattergun approach by creatives to connect, as well as share their work by signing up for whatever social media service is trending at the moment. This noise can sometimes lead to exhaustion, discouragement and even loneliness.

This research aims to find a way to help creative people find a dedicated service that caters to their needs, and helps them grow as artists and entrepreneurs.

How might we help creatives find others with similar interests in order to collaborate on projects, and reduce the negative impact of loneliness?

Secondary Research



Creatives often seek collaboration on projects especially when it requires a team effort e.g. shooting a video.

Everyone experiences loneliness, whether creative or not. However creative people can channel that into productivity.

Creative people want to connect with other creatives. 


User Story

As a creative, I want to be able to search for other creatives around me, so that I can collaborate with them on projects.

Task Flow


UI Inspiration

Mood board

Exploratory Sketches

Solution Sketches



User Testing

Tests were conducted to find usability problems in the design as well as to get feedback on missed opportunities and areas of improvement 

Some users struggled particularly with completing tasks like sorting search results, as well as choosing from a pre-populated search results page.

Prioritization Matrix

Hi-Fi Mockups


Brand Identity

After coming up with about eighteen adjectives, I was able to then narrow down my preferred seven:
Modern, Futuristic, Inspiring, Loving, Hopeful, Joyful, Healing

Brand Name


Considered Names

Connectipal, GlowUp, ProPlug, ArtFlex, Connect+, Coffee+, HubSpace, PlugSpace, JamHouse, BloomTable, Asiko, Mofẹmọ


Brand Colors


UI Colors



Alternate Platform

iPad Pro.png
  • The iPad was an easy choice in opting for an alternate platform to design for. Not only is it a tool used for work by a lot of creatives, the size of the gorgeous display improves the experience of just scrolling through and admiring the work of others.

Key Learnings

  • Good design takes time. 

  • Feedback is a gift.

  • Always go back to your 'How might we' question for guidance.

Next Steps

  • Reiterate the design and conduct more rounds of user testing.

  • Consider designing a dark mode design for the night owls.

  • Try to include a feature that allows the user upload inspiration like mood boards and share with their would-be collaborators. 

  • Include more emphasis on the importance of having coffee first, before booking. 

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