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Hi There

If you have found this page, it means you're looking to find out more about me. Congratulations, you're in luck. While meeting up for coffee will give you a better idea of who I am, let's make do for now with the itty-bitty text down here.

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About Me

I've always been of the opinion that technology and the arts are inseparable. We improve the tools we tell stories with using technology, and we improve current technology by telling stories.
Somewhere in-between is where I find myself. As a passionate storyteller who is really motivated by cutting edge technology and innovation, I constantly strive to empower people with storytelling and technology. Film and music have always been my preferred medium, however lately I've been realizing that I can do so much more.

My diverse experience in many different industries throughout my career has given me a very unique lens on how to problem solve, as well as an opportunity to work with diverse people from the world over. I have gone from asset integrity in oil and gas systems, to running a studio as a writer/director/producer and even working with brilliant minds in the technology sector.

I have begun to learn a new form of storytelling through user experience design. It feels good to learn something from scratch, while being able to apply prior knowledge from many different fields to add a unique perspective to the process. I would like to work with anyone who's passionate about making the world a better place through storytelling.

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